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The Top Paris Restaurants to Try While on Business


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One of the positive things about travelling with business is that you get to go to amazing cities, stay in luxury hotels and also visit the best restaurants while on business.  Paris is known for its cuisine with French traditions being the standard for fine dining around the world.  So, what are the top Paris restaurants to try when you are next in the city?


Allard is one of the restaurants run by Alain Ducasse, who took over the operation of it in 2013.  This is the classic small scale, high-quality French bistro that offers traditional French dishes such as garlicky frogs’ legs and green bean salad.  This is a very nostalgic place to dine that nonetheless, offers top quality food and also is one of the places where female chefs are always part of the team, a tradition dating back to 1932.

Le Jules Verne

If for nothing else, this restaurant is worth visiting for its location – 400 feet up in the Eiffel Tower, reached by its own dedicated lift.  Having been added to the Ducasse restaurants, the quality of the food now matches those impressive views with executive chef Pascal Feraud offering a menu combining classics with modern dishes, all with a 100% French wine list.


L’Abeille is within the Shangri-La hotel and is a two Michelin star restaurant overseen by chef Christophe Moret, formerly of the Plaza Athenee.  This elegant restaurant offers a combination of modern haute-cuisine and classic ingredients while there are also half-size dishes if you can’t decide which menu option you want to start with.  There is also the Bauhinia restaurant that is within the same hotel, ideal for day time dining and offering an interesting mix of French and Asian cuisine.

Pierre Gagnaire

If you want gastronomy innovation, then this is the place to find it with chefs working here who are inspired by everything from painting to jazz.  Many of the dishes are very small and delicate and it is a great place to dine with a companion such as VIP Paris escorts if you are travelling alone.  While there is a touch of molecular cuisine to the restaurant, it is very definitely one where you will leave feeling that you have eaten well.


Georges is another restaurant with an amazing location – at the top of the Centre Pompidou.  The modern surroundings of the restaurant are matched by the modern, cosmopolitan style cuisine on offer.  The menu is brasserie style with fusion touches and is a very fashionable place to dine.

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