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An Elite Escort’s Biography


London has the reputation of being a place where dreams come true. It is this very quality of the city that draws visitors from all over the world, whether it be for work-related purpose or for travel related purpose, everyone is attracted towards this grand city. When one is London, they must enjoy the best experiences that this city has to offer, and nothing could beat the experience provided by the elite London escorts. These London beauties are some of the most beautiful women that one would have ever seen in your life. These high-class escorts are so good looking, have such a fantastic body, elegant mannerisms, soft and husky voice, it just makes them the perfect companion that anyone could wish for.

Whether you are an aspiring elite escort in London or are just one of the clients who is looking for a gorgeous companion, then you must read about the biography of an elite escort Kholoe, that has been compiled here to help you understand what all goes into their professional lives.

1. Why are you in this profession? Were you forced into it?

No. Nobody can force me to do anything. I am a free-spirited, independent woman, who just wants to have some fun while making money. I am pursuing my master’s in criminology at one of the famouse University in London and am pursuing this profession as it not only allows me to make a decent amount of money to take care of my expense but also offers me the flexibility of working according to my preferences.

2. Tell us what do most men want when they call you for an appointment?

Well, they have to call my agency in order to book an appointment in the first place, I do not take direct calls. Most of my clients are high-profile businessmen, bureaucrats, politicians, Doctors, and Lawyers. These are not your regular sex seeking guys; they want a nice-looking girl who will accompany them to various events and be their arm candy. Sometimes we do end up having some hot action, but that is not guaranteed.

3. What do you love most about being an Elite Escort in London?

Meeting new people, traveling to new cities, visiting high society gatherings, shopping at premium markets, having dinner at fine dining restaurants, nice money….well the list is virtually endless.

4. Have you ever thought about leaving this profession?

Of course, after I am done with my studies, in another two years, I would be working full-time, so I don’t think I would be able to continue working as an escort. Nobody is forcing me to do anything, even now I am my own boss and do things my own way. I take off days whenever I want. I love the flexibility of this job.

5. Do your clients force you to do anything?

Well, first of all, my clients are well educated and well-behaved gentlemen. They know how to take care of a lady. They never forced me into anything. Anyways nobody can force me into doing something that I do not want to do; I am free to walk away whenever, if ever, things get uncomfortable.

Hope you got a better idea of what all goes into being a high class London Escort.

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